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International speaker, licensed counselor, former professor, 6x author, media guest for international media outlets and someone Dr. Phil McGraw said that he wanted to talk to, Lori Vann is your school district's "go-to" speaker.

With over 20 years of clinical counseling experience and the reputation as, "the teen whisperer", she will provide your staff with a proven protocol with easily implementable strategies and techniques that have become game-changers for a variety of student needs.


"Loved Lori as a presenter,

she was absolutely great!"

"The wisdom that I gain from

Ms. Vann's seminars is priceless."


"Overcoming Perfectionism: Your Guide For Personal and Business Success"


Watch for Lori Vann's next publication to be launched sometime in the Summer of 2020!

Keynotes and International Events

Whether a State, National, or International conference, Lori delivers a memorable keynote address that receives high marks from attendees. Her authentic, real-world examples make a lasting impact on audiences. There are some messages and presentations that transcend distance!

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Suggested Speaking Topics


  • Enabling
  • Co-dependency
  • Assertiveness
  • Self-Esteem Improvement

Communication Issues

  • How to Have a Disagreement & Not a Fight
  • Mean Girls and Their Victims: How To Address Both Issues
  • Dating: Are They, "The ONE", or The One To Run Away From?

Behavioral Issues

  • At Risk Youth Behaviors and What You Can Do to Reduce the Risk
  • The Problem with Perfectionism

Willing & able to customize an existing presentation or develop one for a specific topic you may need.

Proving ROI TO Your Direct Report!

Proving the value of an event that hasn't happened yet can be a daunting task. Your direct report wants assurances that authorizing the money you're requesting to hire a speaker will produce the desired results.

Is this event going to pay for itself? Save money? Make money? Lose money? And how much?

We understand your concern so when you work with Lori Vann, we'll do everything we possibly can to provide you with a numbers-based argument in our proposal to provide your management team, and put them at ease.

There are some good arguments that can be based upon logic and conservative probabilities that will make the case for hiring Lori Vann.

Give us a call, put us to the test, and let Lori Vann deliver a fantastic presentation and a positive ROI on your next event!

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