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Public speaking induces anxiety in 77% of Americans, surpassing even the fear of death.

When organizing an event, it is vital to the success of your event to select a speaker who exudes confidence, is a known expert, and has the ability to leave a profound impression on your audience.

Numerous individuals claim to be professional speakers and have flashy websites and speaker reels, but often, too late, you find out that there is no substance to support the hype. I have sat in the same audience that you have looking at my watch, wondering when the discomfort of the inexperienced or untrained speak on that stage was going to end.

You and your audience deserve to have a speaker with a wealth of professional experience that spans decades with extensive training from internationally recognized speakers.

I have been blessed to serve groups of all sizes, backgrounds, and locations during my over twenty years as a professional speaker. Since 1998, I have been a clinical counselor in a variety of locations from the non-profit sector, corporate mental health groups, school districts, colleges, treatment centers, and private practice. This background allows me to connect with attendees of all types and to have the situational awareness to tailor my message to their specific needs. With real-world examples that they connect with and easily implementable tips that they can use that day.

Whether delivering a keynote or facilitating a workshop, I am committed to accomplishing your event’s goals and objectives and reducing your stress level.

Contact me today to infuse the WOW factor into your next event and leave a positive lasting impact on you, your team, and your attendees.

I am here to serve your event.

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International Speaker, Media Darling, Parenting & Boundaries Expert, and Self-injury Authority

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