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77% of the US population struggles with some level of anxiety regarding public speaking. In fact, it has been said to be a more common fear than the fear of dying.

If you are an event planner you need to have the assurance that the speaker that you bring to your attendees is not only confident and competent but is also memorable in all of the best ways. Many people will say that they are professional speakers but many are only professionals who speak.

Do you want to know how to spot the difference between someone who is a professional speaker with training and experience versus someone who happens to speak for an occasional paid event? 

Lori Vann has been a professional speaker for over twenty years who has received training from multiple internationally known coaches, in addition to the lessons that she learned as a performer and a professor for two colleges. Having presented on national and international stages for a wide variety of audiences and event types, Lori is regarded as a speaker who provides value for the audience and organizers; this is one of the many reasons why she has been a repeat presenter for numerous organizations.

Many speakers can provide information, but few speakers are able to present the information in a way that is meaningful, memorable, and usable. Lori is able to connect with your audience by providing a tailored talk with examples that will resonate with your attendees in a down-to-earth, genuine manner. Whether she is the keynote speaker for a large conference or providing a workshop to a small group of individuals, she gives every talk her full attention to make sure that your goals for the event are met.

Contact Lori today to learn how you and your attendees will have the WOW factor with her as the speaker for your next event.

#HereToServe isn’t just a catchy hashtag, it is a policy, mindset, and priority for Lori Vann and her Associates. As a client, you are entrusting us to provide professional, proven, and ethical assistance for you or your loved one.

Lori has been privileged to be called by her professional peers “the Guru” and an “authority” on Non-Suicidal Self-Injury, in addition, to being considered one of the top counselors in the Metroplex when it comes to developing interns into highly ethical and professional counselors who are sought after by counseling centers.  Her 20+ years of counseling experience in a variety of locations from inpatient psychiatric, non-profit, school districts, outpatient clinics to private practice has provided her with a unique, well-rounded perspective that benefits not only her staff, her interns, the licensed counselors she trains during her ethics’ events, but also the community. 

Find out why Lori is the one that professional peers consult with on cases and how her direct, easily implementable strategies produce high success rates with her and her associates’ clients.

Licensed Professional Counselor #16899 since 2001
Contact Lori: 214-270-6966
Email:  Lori

International Speaker, Media Darling, Parenting & Boundaries Expert, and Self-injury Authority

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