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Who is Lori Vann?

#Here2Serve isn’t just a catchy hashtag, it is a policy, mindset, and priority for Lori. As an event organizer, you have people trusting you to make the right choice for a speaker, so you need to find someone that you can trust to be focused on your event. Lori has been privileged to be a conference and media “go-to authority” for a number of topics including bullying, self-injury, perfectionism, and ethics, to name a few. Her passion for counseling and coaching is only rivaled by her passion for sharing her twenty plus years of experience with a live audience.

While she prefers others to describe her, some of her favorite words that clients have used are “passionate”, “genuine”, “motivated”, “authentic”, “leader”, and “problem solver”. As a former college professor, Lori loves to learn so that she can continue to grow as a professional and create experiences that surpass expectations. “When you love what you do, it is fun, not work, and that can be felt by the audience.”

During our time together, we discovered that we were in agreement with the role of social media had played in those issues. At the end of our meeting, it was quite a nice surprise to hear him say, “that is such a good question…I’m so glad that you asked it…I will be in touch…I really will” and give me a thumbs up.

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